Who am I?

Aloha!!! I’m Oriol, the blogger who writes this rummy adventure.

I’m a rum lover, a tiki aficionado, a cocktail freak based in Barcelona, city from which I alternate my work as bartender and writer, always focused on improving my knowledge about the rum and tiki drinks world.

As bartender I worked at the tiki bar Tahiti (actually closed) and I’m now developing “Las Noches Tiki” all the Sundays and Mondays at the rum bar Caribbean Club. I’m also working as tiki drinks consultant, making collaborations with brands in events, masterclasses, conferences, workshops and formations.

If you want to participate in one of my formations, you could check my next workshops of tiki drinks here.
As a writer, apart of this blog, I write about rum cocktails and tiki drinks in the french web about rum called Rum Gazette. Here you could find some of my unpublished recipes in french and english.

I’m also teacher of tiki drinks at the online platform of cocktail education called Dash Workshops, where you could find workshops in spanish with english subtitles.

What is Three Of Strong?

The name of this blog is based on the classic rhyme used to remember the Planter’s Punch recipe:

One of Sour

Two of Sweet

Three of Strong

Four of Weak

Being the rum the “strong” of that recipe and the Planter’s Punch the base that used Don the Beachcomber to create a lot of his famous concoctions, we could know what’s the concept of his blog: rum, tiki drinks, homemade syrups and more…

Sample bottles

Of course I’m very happy to receive samples of rums for review and use in some drink recipes.

I’ll give to the sender my honest feedback and if  I think that the product have enough quality and inspires me…I’ll do an article on the blog.

If you want to send me a sample, please contact me by mail and I will provide you with my shipping address. (I expect all costs associated with transporting the samples to my address, including taxes and duties, to be paid for by the company providing the spirit for review).

I also accept samples of bitters, syrups, liqueurs and other kinds of products related with the rum world and the mixology (tools, books,…) and I use the same criteria to make a review than with rums.

Mahalo nui loa!!!

This post is also available in: Spanish