Rum review: Compagnie des Indes Latino 5 ans


Compagnie des Indes is a French independent bottler, the idea of the birth of that company was brought to life in memory of the former East India Company from the 17th and 18th century that selected rare commodities from distant continents and imported them to their countries. They assure that they select only the best rums from all the whole world, import and bottle it on Europe. [Read more…]

Zombie Colada


My friend Daniele dalla Pola remembered me that today is the Piña Colada Day and I need to make something special for today. The people that knows me a bit knows that I’m not the typical Piña Colada drinker, I always share my Big Kahuna Colada with the whole world, assuring that it’s the strongest brother of the Piña Colada…but today I want to share something similar but a bit different, a drink on my palate’s profile…the Piña Colada that a Zombie drinker could love…a fusion between the Zombie and the Piña Colada…Why not? [Read more…]

Three of Strong is a bilingual blog!!!


Aloha friends!!!

After a time without publishing new posts, I decided to make a change in the original idea of the blog, it started as a blog in english, but now I want to open it to more public, making it accesible to the readers of spanish (my language).

It was a laborious process, because I decided to translate all the published posts since 2014 until today before  I continue writing this project. [Read more…]

Undead Fashioned


Aloha!!!I’m still in the process of the certification programme of ACR (Authentic Caribbean Rum). I have taken part in the training sessions, and I have my diploma, now I prepared a cocktail and answered some questions to try to access to the second phase of the certification: the ultimate training session delivered in the Caribbean (as they announced, in Guyana, Barbados and Trinidad).

If you want to know more about this ACR certification programme first phase you could read this and this. [Read more…]

Alani Lā


Aloha! Today i’m going to continue with the cocktail videos with my other submission to the Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge 2016.

This drink is on the Freestyle Cocktail category where I have as requirements the use of at least one dash of Angostura Orange  Bitters and no more than 6 ingredients. I could select the distillate that I prefer to use in that cocktail…and, of course, I decided to use RUM!!!! [Read more…]

Port of Spain Swizzle

po1At this time I want to show you something new on this blog that I never made before: videos. Yes!My own videos making cocktails!!!! The Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge 2016 was the excuse to start making it…I hope you could understand the mistakes that I could made on it, because I was a bit nervous as a first-timer, but…well!All is knowledge on  my tiki way, and next time I’ll improve and try to do it better!!!

I’m going to talk a bit about the drink…it’s my Rum Cocktail for the challenge and I had to use at least 1oz of Agostura rums, 5 dashes of Angostura Aromatic Bitters and no more than 6 ingredients as a requirement.  I knew the Angostura rums and I wanted to combine two of their rums, the 1919 and the 1824. I used the 1919 as a base rum, with his smoother taste with vanilla notes, and combine it with some 1824, more rich in flavor nuances and intensity, in which you could taste more the aging in the barrels. That’s how I found a more complex rum flavor for my drink. And the final flavor was rounded with a touch of Angostura Aromatic Bitters. [Read more…]

Essence Century Cocktail Competition 2015


Essence Century Cocktail Competition is a spanish cocktail competition promoted by Campari Group. This competition challenge bartenders to make  2 cocktails that reflects the passion, the flavour, and the authenticity of Jamaica and United States, with two of their most charismatic brands and his legacy: Appleton Estate and Wild Turkey. [Read more…]