Homemade Falernum


Looking inside of tiki cocktail books we could be surprised for some strange ingredients, and one of the most used is the Falernum.

Falernum is a spiced syrup original from Barbados, flavored with lime, cloves, ginger, and almonds…and depends on the recipe another kind of spices. Falernum could be alcoholic and non-alcoholic it depends on the version of it.

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Corn & Oil


The Corn & Oil is one of my favourite rummy drinks. It’s a typical Bajan drink made with rum, falernum, bitters and fresh lime juice, but the proportions of each and the exact ingredients are not clear, it has many variations. It’s a bit like a Ti’ Punch…you could do it at your taste (“Chacun prépare sa propre mort”). [Read more…]