Navy Coco Cola


Yes, I love the pineapples. Every day I eat about a half of a fresh pineapple for breakfast.

The other day, I was thinking about that I’ll drink a rum cola after dinner while I was cooking, and when I was hollowing a pineapple preparing it for the morning breakfast an idea comes to me…and I reserve the hollowed pineapple on the fridge.

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Rhum arrangé apple, vanilla and cinnamon


In a recent day trip to the south of France, I bought some rhum agricole of Martinique and I was tempted from the first moment to follow working on the rhum arrangés. My first experience was a rhum arrangé sugar cane, vanilla and raisins and now I want to try some more fruity and because I was able to pick some apples directly from the tree…I wanted to do something with apple…and what could work well with apples? Of course: Cinnamon. [Read more…]

The Perfect Storm

ps1 Yes, this is really a Dark & Stormy, the Bermuda’s national drink…but because of the trademark of this recipe by Gosling’s, if we want to call it Dark & Stormy we have to make it with Gosling’s Black Seal Rum and Gosling’s Stormy Ginger Beer…and what happens if this rum or this ginger beer dislikes us?Or if we prefer another rums or ginger beer brands? The thing what happens is what I call The Perfect Storm: The Dark & Stormy for people who wants to make the things on their way. [Read more…]

Visiting the Ron Montero Distillery

rm1At the beginning of this month I travelled to the south of Spain, more specifically  to Motril, a sub-tropical climate region at the foothills of Sierra Nevada, near of Granada. The reason of this travel was visiting the last active distillery in Europe, the one who was founded by Francisco Montero Martin 51 years ago. Actually, Joaquin Martín Montero, nephew of Francisco Montero, and his daughter Andrea Martín Targa manages the Ron Montero distillery. [Read more…]