Navy Grog Challenge 2015


Past weekend the Instagram user @el_nova_1 introduces a challenge about a classic tiki drink: Navy Grog.

The challenge had easy rules, you have to publish a picture of a Navy Grog on Instagram and write the hashtag #navygrogchallenge2015 during the weekend. You can publish a pic of the drink that you have done, or the Navy Grog that you are drinking on a bar, or your own twists on the original recipe, or what you want related with the Navy Grog. [Read more…]

Rum Review: Ti Arrangés de Ced’ Vanille Macadamia

vm1 Les Rhums de Ced’ is the personal project of Cédric Brement. He started creating rhums arrangés at home ten years before than he starts with Les Rhums de Ced’, testing his experimental products with friends and family, but, after, the friends of his friends started to order his rhums arrangés, and he decided to start with that project three years ago. Cédric had a great philosophy: he only works with fresh fruits, locally produced or transported by air, to ensure the freshness of the flavors and the aromas of the fruits. He only uses Agricole AOC Rhum from Martinique and Bourbon vanilla for his rum infusions. The fruits are cutted with knife and bottled by hand, making each bottle a handmade limited edition. [Read more…]

Rum Review: Rum Nation Jamaica White Pot Still Limited Edition 2014


Rum Nation Jamaica White Pot Still Limited Edition 2014 is a wonderful and astonishing 100% pot still rum, distilled at the historical distillery in St. Catherine, Jamaica. It hasn’t been aged in oak ,distilled in 2013 and bottled in 2014 at 57% to preserve the character and smooth intensity of pot still distillation, without sugar addition.  [Read more…]


L2Lenina is a cocktail that our friend Mauri Jiménez shares with us, this is his new creation presented to the cocktail competition Putting Pen to Shaker 2014 presented by The Poshmakers.

This is a cocktail with tiki inspiration because he compares “The Reserve” with Polinesia. This drink receives the name for one of the protagonists of the book “Un Mundo Feliz” (Brave New World) written by Aldous Huxley. [Read more…]

Navy Coco Cola


Yes, I love the pineapples. Every day I eat about a half of a fresh pineapple for breakfast.

The other day, I was thinking about that I’ll drink a rum cola after dinner while I was cooking, and when I was hollowing a pineapple preparing it for the morning breakfast an idea comes to me…and I reserve the hollowed pineapple on the fridge.

[Read more…]

Tiki masterclass with Daniele Dalla Pola


The past 29th and 30th of June we received in Barcelona the visit of Daniele Dalla Pola making a Tiki Tour with Coco Rèal, in collaboration with Cocktail Shop Barcelona. They made on the 29th a Tiki Party in Kahala and the 30th two tiki masterclasses in Cocktail Shop.

I assisted to the afternoon tiki masterclass and finally met in person Danielle!!! [Read more…]

Jason Alexander wins the Iron TikiTender 2014!!!


Yes!!!He did!!!Our tiki friend Jason Alexander wins the Iron TikiTender 2014 the past 12th of July!!!

After the four rounds of the competition (Make the most Mai Tais, Most Garish Garnish, Tropical Trivia!, Secret box ingredient) the judges decided that the $1000 are for Jason Alexander, and Felix  Fernandez and Marie King shares the second place and wins $250 each. Congratulations for the champion and the great contenders!!!! [Read more…]

Iron TikiTender – A tropical bartending competition


The Iron TikiTender is a LIVE tropical bartending competiton to be held on July 12th of 2014 during Tiki Kon in Vancouver, WA.

Only three finalists will be selected for the LIVE competition between all the recipes received of bartenders and amateurs,and compete for a 1000$ prize. The submitted recipes only have the requirement of include at least one of the sponsors ingredients: DonQ Rum, Appleton Estate, Coruba and B.G. Reynolds’ Syrups. [Read more…]