Rhum arrangé banana, chocolate and vanilla
Author: Oriol Elias
  • 500 ml Rhum Agricole de Martinique Dillon 55%
  • 2 Bananas
  • 1 vanilla bean
  • 125gr Dark Chocolate (I used a bar of Lindt 85%)
  • 30 gr Raw Sugar
  1. Peel and cut the bananas in strips that can enter inside the rum bottle.
  2. Make a cut longwise the vanilla bean.
  3. Break the chocolate bar in small pieces.
  4. Add the bananas, vanilla bean, sugar and chocolate inside the bottle.
  5. Add the rhum.
  6. Close the bottle.
  7. Let it rest in a dry place without direct sunlight for about 3-4 months, shaking it often.
Recipe by Rum, Tiki Drinks & More... at https://www.threeofstrong.com/rhum-arrange-banana-chocolate-and-vanilla/