The legend of the Zombie


I have shared on the Three of Strong Youtube Channel a chapter of the Oriol Elias’ Tiki Training Camp .

In this chapter, we will learn about the legend of one of Don the Beachcomber’s most famous cocktails, which is also one of the most iconic tiki cocktails: the Zombie.

In this video we will learn how to make the 1934 Zombie Punch and a more modern version created by me called Caribbean Zombie.

This video is the English dubbed version, if you want to see the original video in Spanish you can find it here.

I hope you enjoy it!!!

Let me introduce you my Tiki Training Camp

The time has come to present you the new project that I have been preparing in the last weeks: the Oriol Elias’ Tiki Training Camp.

This Training Camp is an online space for continuous training on tiki cocktails, that is, a space where I will add new content weekly, so there is a continuity in learning and a constant update in the content, not allowing this to become a masterclass that becomes obsolete by itself over the years.

I’m very excited to have created this project where I can grow as a professional, teaching what I like most to professional bartenders, home bartenders or fans of the tiki culture, offering continuous training on the  exciting world of exotic cocktails.

A space where I will present everything related to this style of cocktails: its history, its origins, the most influential characters, its best-kept secrets, its eras, its classic and modern cocktails, the world of rum, the evolution of the flavor palettes, ingredients,… in short, what I have been learning over the years, my point of view of this style of cocktail and my tricks for creating cocktails.

What can I offer at the Tiki Training Camp?

  • Knowledge about tiki culture and its history.
  • Assimilation of the structure of tiki cocktails.
  • Learning the classics.
  • Understand the world of rum.
  • Production of homemade ingredients.
  • Use of appropriate cocktail tools and techniques.
  • Techniques for garnish cocktails.
  • Tricks to create signature tiki cocktails.
  • Tricks to optimize cocktail service and cost analysis.
  • All content in Spanish and English (the video tutorials dubbed into English).

What are you going to find?

  • Video tutorials: Through various videos throughout the month, we will get to know the history of tiki cocktails and learn this style of cocktails. We will learn every detail of these cocktails, from the tools and their execution to the ingredients in depth.
  • PDF guides and recipe books:
  • Publication of recipe books and visual guides of certain techniques explained in the classes.
  • Online Sessions:
  • Specific training and Q&A sessions to answer your questions live.
  • Consultancy and online training: And if despite all this you still need more… this is what you were waiting for! I offer online classes where we can focus on the topics that interest you the most or help you developing a specific project. You can choose between 1 or 2 hours of personalized class per month.

All this through a monthly subscription training that adapts to all kinds of budgets, where you can decide what interests you and just pay for that level. You are the ones who decide if you want to invite me to an overproof shot or if you want to become a Menehune, a Beachcomber, a Shrunken Head, a Cannibal … or even one of the Zombies that are walking around my Tiki Training Camp.

Also in two of these levels there is an “Early Bird” discount for the first 15 to sign up!

You can join my Tiki Training Camp here.

Do you dare to be part of my Tiki Training Camp?