Jason Alexander wins the Iron TikiTender 2014!!!


Yes!!!He did!!!Our tiki friend Jason Alexander wins the Iron TikiTender 2014 the past 12th of July!!!

After the four rounds of the competition (Make the most Mai Tais, Most Garish Garnish, Tropical Trivia!, Secret box ingredient) the judges decided that the $1000 are for Jason Alexander, and Felix  Fernandez and Marie King shares the second place and wins $250 each. Congratulations for the champion and the great contenders!!!!


Jason Alexander, the Iron TikiTender 2014

Because I am too far, I couldn’t assist to the Tiki Kon and the Iron TikiTender contest and I can’t write and exhaustive article about this, but I hardly recommend to read the article of my friend Matt Pietrek about this contest. I hope you’ll enjoy it as he did!!!

On other hand, with the permisson of Blair Reynolds I stole some pics of the Iron TikiTender facebook page and I share it with you…but…shhh…it’s our secret,ok? 😉

Make the most Mai Tais


Felix making many many Mai Tais! 

Most Garish Garnish


Felix works magic while B.G.Reynolds looks on!


Marie’s gorgeous garnish!


Jason with his pineapple satellite garnish in a beautiful Munktiki turtle bowl

 Secret Box Ingredient


Blair Reynolds hosting


Felix’ flippin’ shakers like he was a pro, which he is


Marie making mixology magic


Jason sizing up his drinks


Drunken deliberation over libations

Congratulations to the winner, the contenders and for Blair Reynolds for the great event!!!


© Photographies: Iron TikiTender Facebook page

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