Tiki masterclass with Daniele Dalla Pola


The past 29th and 30th of June we received in Barcelona the visit of Daniele Dalla Pola making a Tiki Tour with Coco Rèal, in collaboration with Cocktail Shop Barcelona. They made on the 29th a Tiki Party in Kahala and the 30th two tiki masterclasses in Cocktail Shop.

I assisted to the afternoon tiki masterclass and finally met in person Danielle!!!

The masterclass starts with and explanation of Marco Canova about Rèal and their fruit infused syrups.


Marco Canova talking us about Rèal syrups

All of the presents knows their Coco Rèal syrup, but they show us some of their new flavors, and we have the chance to taste it.

For me, the best flavors are Pumpkin and Ginger, these two are a crazy wonderful spiced stuff very usable for new tiki concoctions; the blue agave is a great syrup too with a very toasted flavour, a very good option to add sugar to the drinks instead of dark sugar syrup or demerara syrup; and finally the blueberry syrup it’s good too but when I taste it I think automatically on a very big piece of cheesecake topped with it, for that reason, I think it could be better for desserts than for cocktails.


Some of the new flavours of Rèal


From left to right: Blueberry, Ginger, Blue Agave and Pumpkin.

After that taste, Daniele starts talking about he and his Nu Lounge Bar in Bologna (Italy), the evolution of the bar, the drinks of the bar, the design of the new menu, the women who visits the bar, and all the tikiness and the crazy things on it.


Daniele talking about Nu Lounge Bar


Presenting the design of Nu Lounge Bar new menu

Daniele began the class making a resume of his tiki masterclass of about 14 hours divided in two days, focusing basically in the figure of Don The Bechcomber, his history, his drinks and his way of life.


Talking about Don The Beachcomber


The ideal breakfast

Arriving at this point of the afternoon, Daniele starts making his favourite thing: Tiki Drinks!!!


Daniele making drinks


Some of the rums used in the masterclass

We could taste some classic tiki drinks with his original twists and using Rèal products making wonderful concoctions like:


 -Piña Colada.

-Piña Colada served in a pineapple and smoked with cinnamon, allspice, Sichuan peppercorns, cloves and vanilla.

-Kon Tiki Mai Tai using Blue Agave Nectar Rèal and Ginger Syrup Rèal.

-Rum Runner with Blueberry Rèal.

-Volcano Bowl with Blue Agave and Pumpkin.


From left to right and up to down: Volcano Bowl,Rum Runner, Kon Tiki Mai Tai, Piña Colada, Smoked Piña Colada, Painkiller

At the final of the masterclass we take the typical picture of the Tiki Family!!!

Mahalo nui loa!!!!


From left to right: Iván Castro, Daniele Dalla Pola, Mauri Jiménez, me and Jordi Reverte.
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  1. Tiare July 22, 2014 at 11:01 am

    Awesome, I wish I could of been there! I saw Daniele a few days ago here in New Orleans at the event with Jeff Berry! so I guess we both are lucky! great post!


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