Rum Review: Ti Arrangés de Ced’ Vanille Macadamia

vm1 Les Rhums de Ced’ is the personal project of Cédric Brement. He started creating rhums arrangés at home ten years before than he starts with Les Rhums de Ced’, testing his experimental products with friends and family, but, after, the friends of his friends started to order his rhums arrangés, and he decided to start with that project three years ago. Cédric had a great philosophy: he only works with fresh fruits, locally produced or transported by air, to ensure the freshness of the flavors and the aromas of the fruits. He only uses Agricole AOC Rhum from Martinique and Bourbon vanilla for his rum infusions. The fruits are cutted with knife and bottled by hand, making each bottle a handmade limited edition.

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  1. Helena Tiare September 12, 2014 at 6:34 pm

    Great post and a great rhum arrangè! i wana try this one as well, i have the banana-cacao and it`s superb! Cèd makes great stuff! and i think the bottles and labels are very took some great photos!


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