The Bitter Jamaican


Taking a look inside the cocktail book Left Coast Libations, in the chapter about the city of San Francisco, I found an interesting recipe of the bartender Yanni Kehagiaras called The Bitter End. Automatically, I needed to do it…but I wanted to make a twist on the rums…the recipe calls for a Flor de Caña Aged White 4 years rum, and I used the Rum Nation Jamaica White Pot Still.  Also, I changed the Angostura Bitters for a Jerry Thomas Own Decanter Bitters and the Velvet Falernum for Homemade Falernum. I doubled the amount of juices in the recipe. [Read more…]

Rum Review: Rum Nation Jamaica White Pot Still Limited Edition 2014


Rum Nation Jamaica White Pot Still Limited Edition 2014 is a wonderful and astonishing 100% pot still rum, distilled at the historical distillery in St. Catherine, Jamaica. It hasn’t been aged in oak ,distilled in 2013 and bottled in 2014 at 57% to preserve the character and smooth intensity of pot still distillation, without sugar addition.  [Read more…]

Why my rhum arrangé banana, chocolate and vanilla has failed?

fail1Yes, one month later I have to tell you that my rhum arrangé banana, chocolate and vanilla is a real shit…it has failed!!!!

From a few days ago I was looking that something was wrong with that rum…the other rhums arrangés are ok…but it was very cloudy and dark,and the sugar, bananas and chocolate makes a kind of dough in the lower part of the bottle.

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The Spirit of Bacardí

bac1As a part of their brand campaign “Bacardí Untameable Since 1862”, the team of rum Bacardí launched a graphic novel called The Spirit of Bacardí to tell us the passionate story of the Bacardí family and the founding of the legendary brand of cuban rum and all their heritage. [Read more…]

Tiki Oasis 14


Tiki Oasis is the largest annual Tiki gathering in the world with four nights of live entertainment, vendor marketplace, car show, poolside entertainment, Tiki Tots activities, and symposiums with top experts in history, mixology, music and more.

With this words, the family Von Stroheim, producers of the Tiki Oasis, defines briefly the event that will be held on San Diego between 14-17 August 2014. On this event we could take a look on a lot of activities tiki related like a market place, symposiums, art shows, burlesque shows, car shows, beauty bungalow, special events and the chance to visit some tiki places in San Diego beyond the Tiki Oasis. [Read more…]


L2Lenina is a cocktail that our friend Mauri Jiménez shares with us, this is his new creation presented to the cocktail competition Putting Pen to Shaker 2014 presented by The Poshmakers.

This is a cocktail with tiki inspiration because he compares “The Reserve” with Polinesia. This drink receives the name for one of the protagonists of the book “Un Mundo Feliz” (Brave New World) written by Aldous Huxley. [Read more…]

Rhum arrangé banana, chocolate and vanilla


*Edited 21/8/2014:

This recipe has failed, read why here.

Following with my recent experiments in Rhums Arrangés, I wanted to try a combination that I saw a few months ago produced by Cédric Brément: the rum called Punch Au Rhum Banane Cacao.

Thinking about it, I remembered an infused rum that I did a few years ago with a recipe extracted from the Beachbum Berry Remixed called Chocolate & Vanilla Infused Rum, and I thought that it could be great adding the banana…and yes, I’ve tried it!!!! [Read more…]

Navy Coco Cola


Yes, I love the pineapples. Every day I eat about a half of a fresh pineapple for breakfast.

The other day, I was thinking about that I’ll drink a rum cola after dinner while I was cooking, and when I was hollowing a pineapple preparing it for the morning breakfast an idea comes to me…and I reserve the hollowed pineapple on the fridge.

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