Jamaican Spiced Swizzle #3

One of the cocktails that became a “best seller” on the Tahiti menu was the Jamaican Spiced Swizzle. Over the years, I have continued working on this cocktail, creating new versions in order to improve costs and also optimize the time of preparation of the drink, but always keeping the flavor of the original that was so popular in those times. On this occasion, I present the third version of this cocktail.

Jamaican Spiced Swizzle #3

Author: Oriol Elias, 2014


  • 2oz Aged Jamaican Rum
  • 1oz Lime Juice
  • 0.5oz Angostura Bitters
  • 0,75oz Bastard’s Mix #2*
  • 0.5oz Black Cherry Real

*Bastard’s Mix #2: Equal parts Orgeat, Cinnamon Syrup and Pimento Dram

Technique: Swizzle

Ice: Crushed Ice

Glass: Highball

Garnish: Lime Wedge, Maraschino Cherry, Bamboo Stick

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