Rum review: Hampden Estate Pure Single Jamaican Rum

Rum: Hampden Estate Pure Single Jamaican Rum


Country: Jamaica

Style: English

Distillery: Hampden Estate

Bottler: Velier


Alcohol content: 46%

Raw Material: Molasses

Fermentation: Long fermentation (3 weeks) with natural yeasts. They put together molasses, cane juice vinegar and dunder for a “superfunk” fermentation.

Distillation: Copper Double Retort Pot Stills

Ageing: Tropical Ageing. Blend of different marques with at least 7 years in barrels.


Color: Gold

Nose: Charged of esters. Ripe and fermented fruits like banana or pineapple. Vegetal, oak, coconut notes.

Palate: Predominance of fruity notes (banana and pineapple), spices, oak barrel, caramel and coconut.

Final: Long, dry and spiced.

Applications: Sip neat, mix in Rum Old Fashioned or in high range cocktails

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