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From May 12 to June 8 in the garden of the hotel Alma Barcelona we can enjoy the space Zacapa Room, open from 15 to 24h.

Zacapa Room Barcelona will host sensory guided tastes, free tastes of rum with chocolate, exclusive pairings, a cocktail selection, and more activities.

In my visit, I could  enjoy the beautiful scenery of the hotel garden and the delicate and elegant decoration of that space, wonderful decorated, giving a cozy and classy look without ever forgetting to market their brand and products.


I could see how they prepare pairings with Davidoff cigars and Godiva chocolates. Mr Edwin, dominican cigar twister was working on the cigars, and the chocolatier master of Godiva was bringing strawberries covered with chocolate. But none of this was available on the taste  that I attended…what a shame!!!


On the guided sensory taste that I attended, Javier Reynoso (brand ambassador of Diageo) explain us the origin and elaboration of Zacapa rums, and he put to us a short explicative video with very selected images of the process.


The taste consists in two rums: Zacapa 23 and Zacapa XO. Neat and paired with chocolate, dates and figs.

He explains us the notes in aromas and flavours of the rums while we were going drinking it.


At the event you could buy bottles of the rums and try some cocktails in the bar.

On the cocktails menu we could find the following drinks:

Zacapa Old Fashioned: Zacapa 23, essential oils of lemon and orange, and a final touch of Luxardo cherries.

Zacapa Spiced Daiquiri: Zacapa 23, Chartreuse, lime juice and cane syrup.

Zacapa Apple & Pear: Zacapa 23 apple juice, pear eau de vie, dehidrated apple.

Zacapa and premium cola: Zacapa 23, Fever Tree Cola, flavored with bitters and orange peel.

– Zacapa 23 Perfect serve (neat)

Zacapa Reserva Limitada Perfect Serve (neat)

-Zacapa XO Perfect Serve (neat)

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