Blackstrap Special

bs1 This recipe is my own twist of a drink of the 50s: the Bourbon Special, featured at Steve Crane’s Kon-Tiki restaurant chain. This tiki drink was created for Bourbon drinkers…and I used it like inpiration to make a drink based on the Cruzan Blackstrap Rum, a totally black colored rum with a strong flavour of molasses and liquorice. I love that rum combined with ginger beer, and I think that this recipe with some modifications could work…and I think that I wasn’t wrong. [Read more…]

Trader Vic’s Grog

tvg1Today i’m going to talk about a cocktail of one of the fathers of the tiki drinks: Victor Bergeron, also known as Trader Vic.

I chugged this drink for the first time at Tahití Bar in Barcelona and I loved it. Searching in my cocktail books, I found the recipe on Beachbum Berry Remixed and in Trader Vic’s Bartender Guide Revised, but I prefer the Berrys’ book recipe which used passion fruit syrup instead of passion fruit nectar of the Vic’s book. [Read more…]